Recruitment: The Insight

If you decided to embark upon your career in recruitment, you definitely have a choice whether to start in a recruitment agency or in a business as an in-house recruiter.

It’s true to say that it’s not so easy to be employed straight in in-house, because each employer wants to get an experienced hr-manager in his team.

If you decided to work in a HRA or What is on store for a Recruiter?

Startup vacancy in an agency is called Researcher or Assistant. Functionally it involves candidates search, primary phone interview, invitation on an interview and participation in a meeting. On a plus side, a researcher gains vast experience in recruitment, as far as agencies usually work on complicated vacancies. As for the other side, in HR business one is pressed for time. HR- specialists have to meet deadlines, because several companies will be working a position concurrently.
In terms of collaboration with different business areas, a researcher is able to see business processes as a whole and define his/her stand in a business unit. Basically, compensation scheme of a recruiter consists of fix + successful project sale fee.

It’s true to say that this job is a high pressure one, which means working several projects simultaneously, making lots of phone calls daily, spending hours on research. A researcher goes to enormous effort; still the result is not always proportional to the strains because of externalities. In a typical situation several weeks wasted on search and interviews result to the choice of another candidate (not yours) or your candidate decided to switch to another proposal, or the Client decided just to quit the research.

If you decided to go for In-house, or What is on store in a Company?

In- house job is about more calm and stable. There are also business-processes HR specialist has to understand but not that much. As a rule, startup vacancy involves research, too, but in contrast to recruitment agency, there are no so strict limits and contest. HR startup is mostly given mass recruitment projects (inclusive of office-managers, sales managers, merchandizers, drivers, etc.) which means lower level of communications and research. Besides, in Corporate affairs there are such business processes as adaptation and attestation of employees and many other measures important for an employee.

If you still wish to pass “trial of fire” in a recruitment agency, we have to say that your chances to find an appropriate job in in-house afterwards grow tenfold, and so does your cost as a specialist at labor market.