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Sales Outsourcing Services

 As a part of RRC Consulting, RRC business development provides a full spectrum of management assistance, including: outsourcing services, Sales, Marketing and Analytics, Business Development and Logistics, in order to enable companies to enter the Russian market. Depending on the client’s needs, all necessary business processes can either be organized by our team or by an outsourced manager, who will work for the client on an exclusive basis. Our managers possess a vast experience of working with Russian and multinational industrial enterprises, which means a variety of fringe benefits for our clients. These advantages include but are not limited to:

1. RRC Consulting has vast working experience with most industrial Russian businesses:

  • Building and Construction;
  • Extraction and processing of commercial minerals;
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry;
  • Plant maintenance;
  • Technical equipment sales and maintenance.

2. RRC Consulting not only provides HR consulting services for your potential clients and competitors but also carries extensive knowledge and practical experience in separate project implementation on the market segments of your potential interest.
3. Our proposals are formed exclusively, based on the client’s needs, while being in constant cooperation with the client.
4. Sales in any region of the Russian Federation chosen by the Client can be organized in the shortest possible time. If needed, we will provide regional and national sales representatives to work exclusively for your organization.

We guarantee our sales force:

  • Provides truly “in-country” sales professionals, i.e. native persons, who know the language, traditions, laws, culture, restrictions and regulations entirely;
  • Is integrated into the client’s team to execute the client’s strategies and tactics.

RRC business development sales outsourcing is about providing the client necessary personnel and sales support in so far as it relates to tax fees, customs dues, and taxes. Marketing activities are also completed in cooperation with the client. We are ready to arrange exclusive quotations in accordance with the client’s needs and negotiate terms and conditions upon certain requests. To sum up, the Client gets professionals, who are specialized in B2B sales and expert resources about outsourced sales. This enables the enterprise to enter new markets rapidly and profitably, without the costs, risks and delays associated with opening foreign offices and hiring local employees.
Sales Representation is the core of what RRC business development is all about. We provide pro-active on-going sales activities to develop revenue. Sales representatives in-sourced into your organization, report directly to your management.

RRC business development Core Sales Outsourcing Services include:

  • Sales management for any industrial business line in Russia, as we have a vast network of connections and expertise among our local business partners;
  • Search and acquisition of customers and distributors in Russia and CIS;
  • Promotional solutions for industrial equipment sales and projects.

RRC business development outsourced sales takes a team based approach. We provide our clients with an experienced team that has all the skills necessary to succeed. An outsourced sales team also hits the ground running, cutting or eliminating the ramp up time of a new hire.
With the ability to rapidly implement a proven sales strategy, experience, and sales executives that need very little up time. RRC business development team provides a fast, effective way to create a successful sales team today. Sales outsourcing also cuts a lot of risks. With existing relationships and databases at our disposal, RRC business development team is great at demand generation as they provide you freedom from having to rely on leads from customers to be successful. You will be able to use RRC Consulting’s network of contacts enabling your product to be shown directly to the Customer.

RRC business development Sales Support Services include:

  • Sales Planning – Definition and localization of sales objectives, strategies, tactics and quantified objectives;
  • Market Testing / Qualification and Market Feedback – Test markets and business proposition prior to full sales engagement thus ensuring local fit;
  • SFE Integration – Training of the team or representatives into your organization; training channels on product sales;
  • Prospect identification and qualification – closure and follow-up;
  • Presentations/demos to the main stakeholders (CEO, VPs, Engineers, Marketers, etc.).

Fringe Services

RRC business development jointly with the client indicates business needs and in appropriate cases assists in:

  • Opening legal entities;
  • Rep office bookkeeping.

RRC business development mission lies in integrating multinational business processes to find out best world practices and build ideal business models.

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