Common Questions

Can you help me to find a joB?
RRC Consulting provides recruitment services for the employers. So when the demand for a new employee is formed, RRC Consulting starts search. The list of current job opportunities you can find on our site.


Why should I be interviewed by your consultants beforehand? Can you organize meeting straight in a company?
There are several reasons why our consultant will suggest to come to the agency first. Firstly, speaking about a certain vacancy, this interview would help to find out what is that very opportunity is about, whether it’s really relevant and interesting for the candidate. Face to face meeting with our professional consultant would also be helpful to enrich your self-presentation. Our consultant will explain what questions can be asked on an interview in a company. If for some reasons the candidate decides not to consider this offer, our consultant will find out terms and conditions suitable for the candidate to provide the candidate with another opportunity.In case of time pressure our consultants will discuss possible time for the interview – earlier in the morning or later in the evening after working hours. In some cases skype interview is also possible.


Is it necessary to send you my CV if I haven’t found relevant vacancy for me on your site?
Basically, It’s the candidate to decide whether to send us a CV or not. Looking for relevant candidates RRC Consulting uses particularly its private database. All CVs sent to us are added to the database and considered to a project. As a HR representative of the Employer, the consultant does not always have the right to release job opportunity info in any open sources, that’s why RRC Consulting recommends sending CV for us.

I’m afraid I’ll be overwhelmed with SPAM after you have my contacts.
RRC Consulting has operated for more than 10 years already. We value our reputation and we value the time of our partners. All the data received is processed in accordance with Russian legislation and is not for public use. If you do not want to receive info about relevant offers, new findings and ads, please contact us any possible way.

Where can I find price list for your services?
RRC Consulting is a field consulting company. Thanks to niche specialization our consultants are able to work out every request and arrange an individual quotation. Besides, we deliver a spectrum of HR services, including recruitment, outsourcing services, salary surveys and payroll. In accordance with the client’s needs our consultants choose profound decision.

Why your consultant insists on face-to-face meeting with the employer’s repesentative?
RRC Consulting does the best to take shortcuts for the client. The meeting will be organized at any time which suits the client at client’s premises. Just one personal interview will help to eliminate further questions and problems. Professional consultants will discuss the project, consider deadlines and sort out suitable methods of search. Our consultants aim to make the working process most comfortable for the client.

Can you recruit personnel in the shortest possible time?
In case of emergency RRC Consulting consultants will do their best to execute an order. But take into consideration that the term of order depends on its difficulty.

How many candidates do you suggest for each vacancy?
Basically, our consultants can imagine how many candidates they are going to show after the primary market research. Normally there are 3 to 6 candidates in a pull. In accordance with the client the quantity of pulls and the quantity of candidates in a pull can be changed.

What should we do if the employee recruited by your agency will fire within a month?
Guarantee terms are involved in our model contract. We provide up to 3 people for replacement. The terms of guarantee can be increased in accordance with the client.

Do you recruit in regions?
RRC Consulting has a wide range of affiliates and representatives that will help to over-market Russia& CIS. We also have positive multinational experience in African countries, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

How are your services paid?
RRC Consulting delivers HR services , including recruitment services for corporate clients. Our services are paid by the employer company after a successful project implementation. Job research services for the candidate is therefore not our core area and it’s free for a candidate. RRC Consulting guarantees high quality services for the client – you can also see recommendations here. We guarantee offers from dependable, safe Russian and multinational employers for the candidates.

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