Our Services

 RRC Consulting is constantly developing and broadening its services. From now on, our expertise is:

Recruitment and Assessment

Our consultants use following methods of recruitment:

  • Direct search. Our specialists have more than 10 year experience in recruiting for oil&gas and chemistry companies in Russia and CIS;
  • Internal database consists of more than 400 000 CVs and is updated daily;
  • Search by recommendations;
  • Search on the Internet;
  • Job offer adverts.

We recruit specialists for industrial companies as follows:

  • Top management;
  • Supply chain;
  • Logistics;
  • Sales& marketing;
  • PR& advertising;
  • HR management;
  • IT;
  • Construction.

Our consultants are certificated by “SLG Tomas” system and have the right to use its instruments in testing applicants.
Major benefits of “SLG Tomas” system are:

  • The results can be used in any business area;
  • The testing process lasts no more than 10 minutes;
  • High validity – 88,49%;
  • Objective results;
  • The system closes out the possibility to give socially-approved answers.

The test aims to:

  • Find out habitudes at work;
  • Understand personal and business qualities;
  • Determine strong personality traits;
  • Identify real motivating factors;
  • Estimate the potential ;
  • Find out stressful situations and demands for an applicant .

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